More than 25 experts will participate in the conference to give delegates the opportunity to deepen their understanding of current thinking and new research into the causes, consequences and solutions to violence.

Meet international experts in: family therapy, trauma recovery, reintegration of children into their families, early childhood development, clinical psychology, art therapy, child protection systems and more.

Mariana Wenzel González is the CEO and co-founder of ANTHUS, Asociación Nacional contra la Trata Humana en la Sociedad (National Association Against Human Trafficking in Society) (Association of Human Rights Award "Libertè, égalité, fraternité" 2015 awarded by the French Republic). Marketer by the UDLAP, International Certification in Aid and Social Work by the University of the Nations in Wollongong, Australia. Experience in fieldwork with the subject of trafficking in persons in the Philippines, Thailand, South Africa, Ukraine and Mexico. Advisory Council of the State Human Rights Commission of the State of Puebla, Councilor of the Citizen Security and Justice Council of the State of Puebla, representative of civil society organizations in the Intersecretarial Commission Against Trafficking in Persons of the Federal Government.

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