At JUCONI Fundation México, since 2010 we have given ourselves the task of holding congresses as an alternative of methodological resources and training, where we wish to share successful methods to increase the effectiveness of current available services and thus be able to help more people affected by violence year.


The JUCONI International Congress is aimed at people from CSOs, institutions, programs and all professionals aimed at serving girls, boys, adolescents and families affected by violence in Mexico and the world.


We hope that all participants can find within the conferences and workshops of our congress; ideas and tools to help them meet the daily challenges of their organizations and jobs.


This year we have joined the current challenges of this new normal with the same commitment and quality that the JUCONI International Congress has always characterized, and we have intensified the offer by carrying out the 2nd. JUCONI International Virtual Congress this October 21 and 22, 2021. As well as we will again assume the responsibility of holding a face-to-face congress with all the safety and health measures in 2022.


Don’t miss the second edition of the JUCONI International Virtual Congress this October 21 and 22 and the seventh edition of the JUCONI International Congress on June 3 and 4, 2022 at the Convention Center – Puebla!

2nd. JUCONI 2021 International Virtual Congress:

Building hope to create a better world.

JUCONI Fundation México, invites you this October 21 and 22, 2021, to the 2nd. JUCONI 2021 International Virtual Congress: Building hope to create a better world. Sign up and don't miss it!








International Speakers


Create a space where innovative tools can be shared and reflected on to strengthen the comprehensive protection of children and adolescents in times of pandemic

Aimed at

Professionals and institutions, aimed at serving girls, boys, young people and marginalized families affected by violence


$ 30 dollars (Registration for groups over 5 people discount of 10% and in groups over 20 people discount of 20%)


October 21 and 22, 2021


English and Spanish (Simultaneous interpretation/translation on the channel within the ZOOM application)



2nd. JUCONI 2021 International Virtual Congress

As every year, the congress addresses topics and / or central axes of current interest to expose, dialogue and reflect within the conferences and workshops that take place in the 2 days of the congress, and the virtual congress will not be the exception.

Work with families 50%
Individual work 30%
Children on the move 20%
Sexual abuse 10%
More than 15 speakers internationally recognized as leaders in their field from various countries will participate in the 2nd. JUCONI 2021 International Virtual Congress, who through conferences will focus on sharing proven practices, the most recent research and exploring dynamic and alternative methods and approaches.

Lola Álvarez

The Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust

Delia Pop

Tanya's Dream Fund

Jimena Santillán

Universidad de Harvard

Patricia Carranza

Care Index

Joanna Wheeler

Transformative Story

Dr. Janine Roberts

Family Process


Day 1:

Conference 1: Experiences from Working with Families and Professionals by the JUCONI Institute – VIG Video Interaction Guidance for Mexico and Latin AmericaSpeakers: Hilary Kennedy, Marie Robertson (AVIGUK) and JUCONI team

Conference 2: Building Community Resilience through Family Intervention. Speaker: Dr. Janine Roberts

Conference 3: Multidisciplinary work with people in mobility situation. Speakers: Lola Álvarez and Pablo Ceriani

Conference 4: Healing Stories of trauma and loss: Digital Story telling technique for working with migrants and refugees. Speakers: Joanna Wheeler and Dr. Thea Shahrokh

Conference 5: Challenges and opportunities of foster care. Speaker: Dra. Delia Pop

Day 2:

Conference 1: Development activated by adversity in people who have experienced a displacement from their places of origin to other countries. Speaker: Dr. Renos K. Papadopoulos

Conference 2: Attachment theory best practices in childhood and adolescence in times of pandemic. Speaker: Dr. Patricia Crittenden

Conference 3: Prevention strategies for child sexual abuse. Speakers: Paula Lobos and Elaine Feliz

Conference 4: Attachment, parenting and respectful parenting. Speaker: Patricia Carranza

Conference 5: Stress, resilience and the role of science: Response to the coronavirus pandemic. Speaker: Dr. Jimena Santillán

WORKSHOPS (Donation $ 599 each, space limited to 50 people)

Workshop 1: Family Resilience: Learning from and with our clients. Speaker: Dr. Janine Roberts

Workshop 2: Converting to a Strength Based Focus / Working with families and schools: An Emotion Chest. Speakers: JUCONI Team

Excellent topics, he congratulated them for the quality and organization for this congress

Excellent organization and theme. Congratulations!

Congratulations! It was excellent

The congress in general is a learning experience and knowledge sharing

I congratulate JUCONI Fundation for its important work in the midst of this world full of violence and for making us participate in doing a bit to help families, girls and boys


Feedback from our participants is very important to us, as they help us to improve and evolve in each of our events.

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DONATION: $30 dollars for the two days Price per group (more than 5 people -10% per person and more than 20 people -20% per person)