More than 25 experts will participate in the conference to give delegates the opportunity to deepen their understanding of current thinking and new research into the causes, consequences and solutions to violence.

Meet international experts in: family therapy, trauma recovery, reintegration of children into their families, early childhood development, clinical psychology, art therapy, child protection systems and more.

Marian Massieu Forcén is founding partner of De Cero a Tres Fundación A.C (Foundation) and she has worked as instructor, trainer and Adviser of timely interaction from the family as a social investment. She has a Master’s degree in Education by the Universidad Anáhuac with specialty in self-regulation and executive functions .She has participated along with DOA3 team, since 7 years ago in the design of a model for empowering mothers and the family in vulnerable populations to transform parenting patterns through multi-sensory play experiences in early childhood development, centered on interaction, affective bonding, self-regulation, and stress management. She served as Director of the Maternal and Child Center and currently directs the Advisory and Training area supporting work teams such as Un kilo de Ayuda y Fondo Unido para México and replicas as TADO D0A3. Co-author of the virtual formative content on the development in the first years.

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