More than 25 experts will participate in the conference to give delegates the opportunity to deepen their understanding of current thinking and new research into the causes, consequences and solutions to violence.

Meet international experts in: family therapy, trauma recovery, reintegration of children into their families, early childhood development, clinical psychology, art therapy, child protection systems and more.

Mr. Taonga Tembo is Zambian born from the Petauke district. He is the co-founder of Barefeet Theatre and currently the Programs Director for the same organization. Barefeet is an NGO that works with children/youths who find themselves in difficult situations, including those living on the streets, by using various art forms that help to: rehabilitate, build self-confidence, and give vital skills and information as a tool to make positive life choices. Over 13,000 children/youths have benefited and young people’s performing groups have born out of Barefeet programs (Circus Zambia is one of the groups). Mr. Tembo is trained in Trauma-Focus Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (TFCBT) for children. He is an artist by profession in Theatre for Development. Inspired by Alex Mavrocordatos’ exploration of participatory methodology, Taonga facilitates his workshops using Participatory Process Performance (PPP). This is an effective methodology to engage a group or individual on a specific subject matter. One of his duties as Programs Director is to help with reconciliation and reintegration of children from the street and centres with their families. He has locally and internationally attended conferences and facilitated in workshops at high level.

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